For humanity,
It is a Humble Act
To Sit
And Wait to be Disturbed
By the Smaller Others.
A meditation of companionship,
Allowing, observing:
The result of hopeless captivity
Adopted in earnest humility.
Like the Great Apes gaze up
At our shrieking bairns from cages,
So we should once in a while gaze at our fellow Quick Creatures
As our Equals.

Sensing this from me, the Butterfly came over the vine,
Flapping petalled wings in the rhythm of
“I, I, I—” then flitting away
Without Predicate.
The Potato Bug on its course
The Manifold Ants,
The Perplexed Dog on the cobbles—
The spider dropped onto my book is
Gently blown off so as to not suffer under the
Crushing Weight of Literature.


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