Hair Knots (05/16)

Being a girl is harder than it looks.
it’s not all cookbooks / and bakeoffs / and sugar / and spice.
it’s sometimes nice
but sometimes
it’s harder than it looks.

Looks matter more than anything.
you can say,
You’re so smart
You’re hilarious!
or call me capable / hardworking / talented / any number of
ungendered non-physical compliments
But they’re all measured in Distance from being
Darling. You’re gorgeous today.

There is a Gold Standard to Femininity
(Societally speaking)
and it’s Beauty.
I used to get catcalled
and followed
and have uncomfortably Non-Platonic Encounters at parties
Twelve Inches of Hair Ago.

Now that I’m shorn
(God, what a relief)
Showers are fast
But social judgements brief:
My name’s easier to remember
That girl with the short hair
But That Girl means more
read: a statement on femininity
or lack of it.
It’s a detraction
from what I could be
which is
(Societally speaking)

Who would have thought
Hair tangles in more ways than one?
At the nape of your neck
And in how you’re a woman.


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